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Welcome to the Ontario Biodiversity Council

Working together to keep Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy alive.

Our vision is a future where biodiversity loss is halted and recovery is advanced. People value, protect and enhance biodiversity and the ecosystem services essential for human health and well-being.

Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy, 2011 helps advance the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy.



2015 Ontario Biodiversity Summit

The 2015 Ontario Biodiversity Summit took place in Niagara Falls, ON from May 19-22nd.  It connected people from across Ontario and around the world to talk about, celebrate, and take action to conserve biodiversity.  More than 70 speakers shared knowledge on emerging issues during plenary talks, concurrent sessions and workshops.  The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2015 report was released, and Ontario’s Young Leaders for Biodiversity presented a declaration in support of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy.

Ontario's Outdoor CharterThe Children's Outdoor Charter

The Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter aims to get children outside to discover the wonders of nature. It encourages each of us to make sure the children in our lives get out and experience the wonders of Ontario’s biodiversity. This Charter advances action 3 of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy.

Go to the Ontario Children's Outdoor Charter

bioStrategy_thumbOntario's Biodiversity Strategy, 2011

Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy, 2011 is the guiding framework for coordinating the conservation of our province’s rich variety of life and ecosystems. It builds on the positive achievements of Ontario’s 2005 Strategy and sets out new and updated direction for the next 10 years. Open the Biodiversity Strategy

Bio diversity Strategy 2011 summarySUMMARY of Ontario Biodiversity Strategy 2011 — PDF

What are the Strategic directions required to conserve Ontario's Biodiversity? Read at a glance how each strategic direction is supported by long-term objectives, outcomes, and key ACTIONS. The success of this Strategy will be tracked through 15 specific targets. Read More

We encourage everyone to appreciate and respect biodiversity.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It includes all living things and the ways they interact with each other and their environment. Simply put, biodiversity is life. There are three levels of biodiversity: genetic diversity —the variety of genetic information contained in individual plants, animals and micro-organisms species diversity —the variety of species ecosystem diversity —the variety of habitats, ecological communities and ecological processes.

Why is Biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity is about being connected. All species, including humans, depend on each other to survive. Humans depend, directly and indirectly, on biodiversity for clean air and water, food and fibre, tourism, and amazing outdoor experiences like hiking, fishing and canoeing. Conserving Ontario’s biodiversity is important because healthy ecosystems sustain healthy people and a healthy economy.

Why Report on the State of Biodiversity?

In order to protect biodiversity we have to understand it. Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy includes commitments to report on the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity and on progress in achieving Ontario's 15 Biodiversity Targets every 5 years. This reporting site includes indicators that summarize data from monitoring programs to evaluate progress in achieving each of the 15 Targets and status and trends in three biodiversity theme areas: pressures on biodiversity; state of ecosystem, species and genetic diversity; and, conservation and sustainable use.

Read the State of Biodiversity Report — SOBR.